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This guided tour and/or workshop allow(s) the participants to explore several fundamental notions of Olympism. Through group games, questions and activities, the pupils/children learn how values, such as respect, friendship and excellence, form the basis of the Olympic Games, and that these can be transferred to their daily lives and are essential for us to live together.


  • Recommended ages: 7-10 years old / 11-13 years old / 14-15 years old

The Mediator adapts his speech and the contents presented to the age of the pupils/children.


  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


  • 45-minute workshop in an educational space

Possibility to combine the workshop with :

  • Self-guided tour or 45-minute guided tour of the permanent exhibition


A guided tour of the permanent exhibition

  • The pupils learn about the Olympic Games, their origin and their history.
  • The tour continues with a presentation of sports equipment that belonged to athletes whose careers they will learn about.
  • The behind the scenes activities of the competitions are also covered during the tour.

A themed workshop

Depending on the modules selected by the activity leader, pupils:

  • Look at items in the collections and retrace their history.
  • Experience the Olympic values through team games.
  • Discuss and think about the messages conveyed by the Olympic symbols.
  • Learn about the athletes and explore the various facets of their identity.


  • As of January 1, 2021, our entire educational offer is free of charge for groups under the age of 16 (admission, visit and workshop if desired and available).

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TOM resources available on this theme:

“Discovering Olympism: Fair play and the Olympic values” Educational Kit

“Olympism and the Olympic Movement” Educational Kit