Olympic Park: The Games in art, the art of the Games

The museum experience begins in a park with a surface area of over 8,000m2, containing works of art and sports installations. You’ll be in no doubt that you have well and truly arrived at The Olympic Museum.

A verdant setting with a breath-taking view of Lake Geneva and the Alps, the Olympic Park is dotted with 43 sculptures (Niki de Saint-Phalle, Botero, Tapies and Calder). An homage to the world of sport, they remind us that art has always spoken to Olympism, since the birth of the Games.

The sculptures in the park tell the story of a dialogue between art and the Olympic Games that has endured since the birth of the Games.

Marvel at the records set by athletes as you go between the sports installations, and see how you measure up to Usain Bolt on the athletics track.

Faster, higher, stronger! At the Museum entrance, the Olympic motto and the ever-burning Olympic fire will stir in you the very emotions experienced by the athletes.

Whatever you do, take your time: the view of the lake is already enough to take your breath away.

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