17 MARCH 2022 - 5 MARCH 2023

The Olympic Games echo and sometimes anticipate the trends and aspirations of society, constantly riding these new waves. 

As such, six new sports and disciplines have been added to the programme of the Summer Games: 3x3 Basketball, BMX Freestyle, breaking, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing.

“Riding the Olympic Wave” explores this evolution and presents these six sports and disciplines, together with their respective social, cultural and artistic contexts.

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Through its dynamic and exciting scenography, the exhibition tells the amazing story of how these sports and disciplines became part of the Olympic Games.


The exhibition contains four parts:

  • From Underground to Mainstream

  • On the Road to Tokyo

  • The Best of Tokyo

  • The Future


Each part is illustrated by a series of breath-taking photos and videos, along with the stories of athletes who were in Tokyo, offering an inside view of the Games. There are also plenty of symbolic objects, with donations from iconic athletes like Sky Brown (skateboard, GBR), Nikita Ducarroz (BMX Freestyle, SUI) and Caroline Marks (surfing, USA). All these athletes left their mark during the first appearance of these sports and disciplines at the Games.

The end of the exhibition takes a look at the future. It explores the exciting prospects for these sports and disciplines at the upcoming Games, especially since they will be held on almost every continent: Paris 2024, Dakar 2026 (Youth Olympic Games), Los Angeles 2028 and Brisbane 2032.

The Paris24 film shown at the Closing Ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Games.


A series of art installations and cultural events explores the DNA of these sports and disciplines and their intrinsic relationship with artistic expression, creativity, a sense of community and the quest for freedom.

In this spirit, Mero Uno (real name David Zo Meroni), a graphic designer and art director from Geneva, has created a poster that carries the essence of the programme. His attraction to various media, from photography to video to graphic design, is reflected in his work where the different disciplines combine and complement each other most naturally.

© IOC-Design by David Meroni

The public is invited to discover the first works exhibited in the Museum: an original installation by David Warner alias SERVAL, to wander between engravings by Marion Pollaert and Grégoire Triau, to be carried away by projections and contemporary style paintings created by Bust the Drip giving the illusion of breaking and graffiti projections and videos by Alex Larson evoking urban culture.

« Artiste comme athlète » / Bust the Drip © IOC

Borders are almost invisible as local communities are invited to participate in this exciting confluence of art and sport, with three marquee events held in collaboration with the sports and local communities. Each event will feature performances and artistic activities with artists and athletes.Save the dates!

  • Opening, 17 March 2022, 18h onwards

  • Urban Culture Weekend, 11 & 12 June 2022

  • La Trace, 24 September 2022


The collaboration with the Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design (Art and Design College) in Geneva shows our desire to support and work with up-and-coming artists, create strong links with the local art community and illustrate the fruitful combination of art, culture and sport.


Starting in the spring, a selection of stylish articles, for novice or expert riders alike:

  • Legendary Vans, skate shoes

  • Oversize sweatshirts

  • Stance socks

  • Badges and patches

  • Five-panel caps

  • And plenty of others to discover




Cultural events

17 March Opening night for the programme, with a concert, performances, and the inauguration of artworks in the presence of artists and athletes.

15-29 April Pakômuzé with creative workshops, participative visits and mini-tours.

11 and 12 June “Urban Cultures” weekend with sports demonstrations, including from pro skaters, a visitor experience workshop, participative visits and the inauguration of artworks in the presence of artists and athletes.

24 September “The Trace” featuring a visitor experience workshop, participative visits and mini-tours.

16-20 October Olympic Week focusing on these new Olympic sports and disciplines.

Schools programme

The “Urban Playground” Workshop: Explores the impact of playing sport in a city environment and how sports impact how public spaces are seen and used? This theme is available from April 5, 2022 to March 3, 2023, by reservation only.



360° virtual tour of the exhibition    

Schools programme

Educational web series “A Day at the Museum: The New Wave of Sport”

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