Olympic Week – Digital Edition 2020

So this year, you can take part in the Olympic Week – Digital Edition! And enjoy an amazing programme organised throughout the week:

  • Fit & Fun – Find your ideal Olympic sport
  • A Day at The Museum – Olympic Treasures and Mysteries
  • Meet the Athletes
  • How to take sports photos with Benjamin Friant, a YouTuber and scooter freestyler, and Laurent Gillieron, a professional photographer for Keystone-ATS
  • TOM TV – The Daily Round-up
  • Olympic Week of the future

Demo videos, interviews, challenges, tutorials, surveys...(only in french) produced especially for you and your children and accessible from 11 October on our digital platforms:


From 11 to 15 October 2020,
all day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ages 8 to 15
Original and fun activities based around sport and the Games, to do with friends and family during the holidays (only in french)

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And on TikTok during the event.

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 Fit & Fun – Find your ideal Olympic sport
 A Day at The Museum – Olympic Treasures and Mysteries
 Meet some remarkable athletes
 Photographing sport
 TOM TV – The Daily Round-up
 Olympic Week of the future

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A programme that covers societal themes such as inclusion and diversity, gender equality and health in sport, but also sport seen through the history of the Games, items in the Museum’s collections, and stories from socially committed athletes.

An event produced in collaboration with:

  • The sports clubs of the City of Lausanne
  • The TOM coaches team
  • And the Collections team

overseen by the Olympic Museum’s education and young audiences team, all united in their efforts to provide you with a fantastic Olympic Week!

On your marks, get set, click!