Digital Olympic Week

Continue your discovery of the Olympic world through our educational web series developed especially for you!

Are you a fan of the history of the Olympic Games? Join Aline and Evelyne in the “A Day at The Museum” series to hear amazing tales of past, present and future Games.

Do you prefer discovering new sports? Then join Alex to find out about and test new sports. But be careful – it’s much more difficult than it seems!

“A Day at The Museum”

With plenty of anecdotes and all kinds of stories on the Olympic Games, Aline and Evelyne return for the second series, which focuses on the Winter Games and opening ceremonies.

So if you never miss winter sports competitions, and if you’ve loved watching a Games opening ceremony, with its fireworks and colourful costumes, you’re in the right place! This is a fun and enjoyable way to learn more about the history of the Games.


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Fit & Fun”

Basketball, BMX, golf, judo, volleyball… Do you think you know about these (and other) sports? Would you like to give them a try even though you’ve never taken the plunge?

Alex, our Museum reporter, has tried them out for you, and takes you across Lausanne to tell you all about them. Fasten your (judo) belt and sit back for the ride. This is a fun way to learn all about these Olympic sports!


Keen for more? You can watch all the series 2 episodes here and series 1 episodes here!


All week, TOM TV participants step into the shoes of journalists and camera operators to produce a one-of-a-kind sports programme! The best bits will be shown on our social media at the end of the week.


Keen for more ? You can watch the clips from last year here!

“Olympic Week on TikTok”

We reached out to the various clubs that are normally involved in Olympic Week. As they’re unable to come to The Olympic Museum this year, they’ve turned themselves into Hollywood stars on TikTok. Take a look at the videos on our TikTok account.

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