Photos by David Burnett and John Huet

19 March - 25 May 2014

The Olympic Museum presents a selection of photos by David Burnett and John Huet taken during the last two editions of the Games. The exhibition is presented in three areas - the Museum Gallery, the restaurant terrace and the Ouchy quayside.

David Burnett has been covering the Games since 1984. He uses both modern digital cameras and old silver cameras to pay tribute to the athletes and the sporting movement in a very personal way.

John Huet, active at the Games since 2004, manages to capture the spirit of the Games and the intensity and strength of the athlete, while revealing their vulnerability.
A joint exhibition of these two photographers offers an artistic vision of the London and Sochi Games based on six different themes: snow, water, the body, black and white photos, stadiums and training. Finally, it is the artists themselves who comment on their work and shots.

John Huet and David Burnett are two of the most prolific photographers working today, whose work reflects the artistic spirit of Sport. Matching their creative eyes to the supreme athleticism of Olympic level athletes, their images go beyond a simple recording of a race or a match. Their photographs take you there, and let you feel what it is like to be in the milieu of great athletic talent. 
In mere hundredths of a second, the pictures capture the essence of years of training and effort. Between them, they have covered 18 Olympic Games, both Winter and Summer.

John Huet lives near Boston, and spends much of his professional time working in the world of sport, in both editorial and commercial projects. His Olympic photographs from Salt Lake City, Athens, Beijing and Vancouver have in many ways set the standard for what great Olympic photography is about. Always looking for a new way to tell the story, Huet’s pictures are full of visual surprises.

David Burnett, who now calls New York home, has photographed every Summer Games since 1984, as well as the Salt Lake City Winter Games. His work combines a mixture of peak action with visual context, giving viewers a feel of what it was actually like to see the games taking place.

Huet and Burnett have worked together on the last 3 Summer Games, as well as Salt Lake 2002, and their mix of style and vision creates a stunning view of the Games.

For this proposed exhibition, the photographs emphasize the more spiritual and emotional view of sport: that is to say, they are not necessarily include any famous Gold Medalists simply because they have won a competition. 
The reach of the pictures aims, rather, at evocative images which celebrate the beauty, strength, and elegance of Olympic athleticism.

Both Huet and Burnett are known as photographers who do not need to be focusing on the Finish line to make great images. While there is something special about any athlete who wins an Olympic Medal, the vast majority of participants will never make it to the Medals stand, yet they compete with all their hearts and souls, and it is often those athletes whose performance makes for unforgettable pictures.  

There is a great liberation for the photographer who isn’t obliged to make the “News” photo of the day, but rather to have the freedom to find great photographs wherever they may be. This show comprises pictures from both London 2012 and Sochi 2014, a mix of color and black/white. And in the way that only a still photograph can do it, they bring to the viewer a mixture of moments and memories which will encapsulate the very best of the visual Olympic spirit.