The Olympic Games: Behind the Screen

19 February 2015 - 26 January 2016

Temporary exhibition

Neck-and-neck sprints, perfect dives, gravity-defying jumps… Tears of disappointment and thrills at receiving a medal…
Every moment of the Olympic Games is followed by viewers all over the world, who share in the athletes’ achievements and live to the rhythm of their emotions.
This experience is made possible by broadcasting the images and sounds of the competitions.

“The Olympic Games: Behind the Screen” is the magic of live coverage, which transforms the whole planet into a single giant stadium, technical excellence at the service of sporting excellence.
It is a tribute to the creativity needed to produce images and sounds which mean something to all cultures.

“The Olympic Games: Behind the Screen” is the history of Games broadcasts on radio and television, but also a look at the future, and new ways of experiencing the Games in the years ahead.

Lastly, “The Olympic Games: Behind the Screen” is a unique chance to follow the journey taken by the images and sounds of the Olympic Games from the field of play of the competitions to the screens of televisions and tablets, an exceptional opportunity to witness the creation of that emotion which is part of the Games experience.  



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Interactive Documentary: “LIVE! Broadcasting the Games”
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