Tianjin Dagon Olympic Museum

The Tianjin Dagon Olympic Museum, conceived and designed by renowned architect and International Olympic Committee member Ching-Kuo Wu, is home to extensive collections that tell the story of the Olympics.

The building’s design was inspired by the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Inside, its open-plan structure is divided into two floors, the first focusing on promotion and communication to the public, with a multimedia conference hall, VIP room, coffee shop and gift shop, and the second housing three exhibition areas.

Exhibits include torches, medals, stamps, badges, coins and mascots, each one a small piece of the story of the Olympic Games over the decades. Visitors can also find out about the fascinating story of all those – from great athletes and famous faces to ordinary sports fans – who firmly believe that the Olympic movement helps make the world a better place.


236, Bo Wu Guan Road
South of Guangang Lake
Dagang, Binhai New District
Tianjin 300274
People's Republic of China

T: +886 92 27 72 46 59

Director: Mr Ching-Kuo Wu

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