China Sports Museum

Built in 1990, the China Sports Museum houses a vast collection of artefacts and photos that tell the story of sport in China over thousands of years. A sculpted statue of a dragon boat (evoking the traditional Chinese sport of dragon boat racing) welcomes visitors to an ancient world where dragons coil around golden pillars and ornate palace lanterns hang from the ceiling. Historical and archaeological documents and photos trace the development of sport in China, from the Pre-Qin Dynasties to the Qing Dynasty.

A selection of photos and exhibits present the emergence of modern and Olympic sports, including trading cards of the first Chinese football team dating from 1902, a special edition of a sports magazine from 1904, photos of China’s participation in the first Far East Sports Rally, and items from the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Visitors can also find out about traditional local sports and regional sporting traditions.


Chaoyang, Anding Rd,
People's Republic of China

T: +86 10 6491 2233

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