Estonian Sports Museum

The Estonian Sports Museum collects, preserves and exhibits a wide variety of documents and artefacts about sport, specifically focusing on the history of Estonia and the Estonian people. The museum also serves as a cultural centre, organising exhibitions, seminars, lectures and children’s activities.

The museum’s permanent exhibition is both educational and entertaining and will appeal to all sectors of the public, from children to professional athletes. The museum embraces modern technology, inviting visitors to test out their skills on special simulators, find out more about their favourite sports topics on computer terminals, take part in a virtual Olympics, have their photo taken alongside former weightlifting stars, read old sports newspapers and watch films.

As of January 2011, the 18 collections contained 132,868 historical items, including an extensive series of photos and medals.


Rüütli 15
51007 Tartu

T: +372 7300 750
Web site

Director: Mr Daimar Lell

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