The IOC’s patrimonial collections are managed by the Heritage Unit.

This includes the acquisition, preservation, restoration, documentation, study and securing the availability for internal and external partners of 90,000 artefacts, 650,000 photographs, 45,000 hours of videos and 8,800 hours of sound documents, but also 1.5km of historical archives.



The Olympic Museum’s collections constitute a unique heritage, which we strive to assemble, preserve and share. The collections consist mainly of artefacts related to the Olympic Games, the Youth Olympic Games, Olympic sports and the IOC’s relations with the Olympic Movement.

The objects in the collections are inventoried, photographed, properly conserved and studied, to enable us to fulfil our mission of promoting Olympism. We also take care of collections management, loans to other institutions and requests for reproductions and reallocations.

You can contact us for:

  • Any question on Olympic artefacts: torches, medals, posters, sports equipment, etc.
  • Artefact acquisition offers
  • Artefact loans
  • Advice on conservation/restoration issues (provided to the Olympic family)
  • Artefact collections access (including workshops, footage and shooting sessions).


The IOC Archives were opened along with The Olympic Museum in 1993. They preserve and make available the administrative memory of the IOC. The documents held by the Archives come mainly from transfers from the IOC administration, as well as from certain private collections. We also acquire individual items through auction sales.

The team is available to assist with any research in the collections for the period covering 1894-1998.

Images and sounds


The Images & Sounds Section is responsible for acquiring, storing, documenting and providing access to the IOC’s photo, audiovisual and sound patrimony. The collections are significantly boosted following each edition of the Olympic Games, thanks to Olympic Broadcasting Services-produced video feed images, photos taken by IOC photographers and the Olympic Film. From competitions and the Closing Ceremony to behind-the- scenes shots and operations centres, the images of the Games are preserved in the archives.

The digitally archived photo, video, film and sound collections can be accessed online at the Olympic Multimedia Library (TOML)


Heritage Management

Culture & Education Hub

The Culture & Education Hub is the first point of contact to facilitate Olympic Culture and Education initiatives.
Our mission is to raise awareness of Olympic history and values by providing support and inspiration to cultural and educational institutions to develop and put in place their cultural and educational projects.

Do you need any assistance with the ideas, design, content or implementation of your programme?

We are here to help
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