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Your first point of contact to facilitate Olympic culture and education initiatives.

The Culture & Education Hub is the first point of contact if you want to develop an Olympic-related cultural or educational project or initiative. It is part of the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, the heart of the IOC’s cultural and educational activities.

What we do


Every year, we assist with the development and production of exhibitions, displays, events and educational projects at venues, in institutions and at schools and learning centres around the world.

We believe in making our resources as widely available and accessible as possible. Every year, we assist with the development and production of hundreds of exhibitions, displays, events and educational projects; at venues, in institutions and at schools and learning centres around the world. We want to help you to tell inspiring Olympic-related stories that provide dynamic cultural, educational and interactive opportunities.

What we offer


The Culture & Education Hub offers resources, education products and know-how to all those wishing to tell inspiring Olympic-related stories.

The Culture & Education Hub provides access to more than 120 years’ worth of IOC patrimony and resources, offers advice and expertise in the development of cultural and educational activities and produces both bespoke and turn-key solutions.

Whether you are looking for educational materials, emblematic objects, images, videos, turn-key exhibitions, digital products or historical archives that chronicle an incredible Olympic story, the Culture & Education Hub is here to guide and support you.

From receiving your request to putting you in contact with the relevant IOC department, the Hub serves as your partner to bring your projects to life.



Discover the richness and diversity of Olympism through hundreds of years of cultural and sporting heritage. These collections include over 90,000 Olympic-related artefacts such as torches, medals, trophies, artworks, posters, sports equipment, ceremony outfits, licensed products, flags, models and stamp and coin collections. A collection of priceless artefacts. We also have over 1.5 linear kilometres of historical archives at our disposal showcasing key moments from Olympic history. Additionally, more than 650,000 photographs, 45,000 hours of video, 8,800 hours of sound documents, 52 restored Olympic Films and content created and developed by The Olympic Museum are available for loan for cultural and educational programmes.

Our Olympic Cultural and Educational products


The Culture & Education Hub offers a flexible and wide range of cultural and educational products for museums, cultural institutions, film festivals, teachers and school children, as well as products for the general public.
You can access to dozens of educational booklets, activity sheets, to a series of online games developed to experience and learn about Olympic themes and the fundamental principles of sustainable development for Olympic stadiums on the Olympic Museum website. We also share ideas of workshops to explore Olympism and its values dedicated to museums and cultural and educational spaces.



The resources made available through the Culture & Education Hub are exceptional tools to promote the values of Olympism through cultural and educational programmes.
Olympism can address, through the lens of sport, a range of political, economic, scientific and society-based topics, and explore subjects such as architecture, urban development, design, technology, nutrition and the media.



Gothenburg Sports Museum

Images and historical archives from the IOC’s collections made available to the Gothenburg Sports Museum for an exhibition on winter sports.

Liechtenstein National Museum

Images, videos, information, historical archives and loaned objects provided to the Liechtenstein National Museum for an exhibition that drew parallels between the ancient and modern Olympic Games.


Travelling exhibition developed jointly with the International Golf Federation to mark the sport’s return to the Olympic Games in Rio.

Toyota Motors North America

Creating an Olympic atmosphere for our partners’ events, like for this Toyota event in the USA.


Screening of the Olympic Film Olympia, directed by Leni Riefenstahl (1936), at the British Museum as part of an event on aesthetics in cinema, on the sidelines of its “Defining Beauty” exhibition.

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The Culture & Education Hub is available to assist and advise you as you develop your cultural and educational projects. The resources that we provide sometimes require special conditions when they are exhibited. The valuable objects from our collections, for example, must be exhibited in specific museum conditions, and certain images and videos have specific copyright terms and conditions for their usage.

We look forward to receiving your ideas, design, content or implementation for your programme.

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