Taylor Rooke



Taylor is a Bobsleigh athlete from Calgary who competed at the Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016. She is currently completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary in Law and Society. Her goal is to compete in the Olympic Games Milano Cortina 2026 after completing her law degree.

Taylor Rooke
Project description:

Taylor is running a project called Pass The Torch, which was created by IOC YL alumni Eric Mitchell. She also works in partnership with IOC YL Maggie Brennan. Pass The Torch was created to help Canadian Youth Olympians share their story and experience. Taylor’s role is to help mentor Youth Olympians, who are given the chance to attend schools and sporting events across the country. Taylor has been able to attend both the Canada Games and Alberta Games as well as many schools in her year of being an IOC YL. She has personally shared her project with over 5,000 individuals.

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