Tania Lee




#4 Quality Education

#8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
#10 Reduced Inequalities

IOC YL bio:

Tania is a sports dietitian and an ex-swimmer, with a passion towards the development and well-being of athletes. As an advocate for the Olympic values, she hopes to create an ecosystem that supports an inclusive and sustainable empowerment program for young athletes of all abilities to become great leaders.



Inclusive Leadership Program is a leadership programme for young athletes to become great leaders in the future regardless of their background, gender and abilities. The programme is fully organized and conducted by athletes/ex-athletes, and covers four important core topics that every leader should master, namely sport values, healthy living, life skills and social competency. The young athletes get exposure, guidance and mentorship through the inclusive and sustainable leadership programme. This programme hopes to achieve a minimum of 30-40% participation from athletes with disabilities and equal participation of female and male athletes.

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