Sofie Korbee



The Netherlands


Sofie Korbee is an enthusiastic and inquisitive team player with a passion for sport. After finishing her two degrees sports and communication & information sciences, she started working at the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF). She works as an advisor for international sport events. She loves traveling, windsurfing and biking.


The current project builds on a previous NOC*NSF sports project that identified girls and women as an underrepresented target group in asylum seeker sports participation. The project aims to enable girls or women from an asylum seeker center in Utrecht to participate in sports by facilitating dance classes.

The dance class is organized weekly at a community center near the AZC. Fun, connection and letting go are central subjects during the dance lessons. The dance lessons are accessible to all women from the AZC and women from the neighbourhood. The official language is Dutch, but instructions are supported with visual aids and hand gestures to tackle language barriers. For the women who do not have indoor shoes, shoes are provided. In class, all kinds of music styles are used, including music from the culture of the female asylum seekers.



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