Shiling Lin


People’s Republic of China


#8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

#1 No Poverty
#3 Good Health and Well-Being
#5 Gender Equality
#10 Reduced Inequalities
#13 Climate Action

IOC YL bio:

Shiling Lin was born in Quanzhou, China. As a prospective Ph.D. student in Sports Management at Isenberg School of Management, UMass Amherst, Shiling wants to leverage the power of sports to alleviate poverty and change the gender ratio in sports participants. She was the torchbearer for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.


Greener Sports

Greener Sports helps sports brands and players accomplish sustainable development goals by providing marketing solutions.

Greener Sports, based in China, strives to provide greener marketing solutions to small sports-related businesses in order to alleviate poverty, change the gender ratio in sports, and assure good health and well-being for future generations in China's remote communities.

Greener Sports will also use the majority of its revenue as a non-dividend social business to safeguard and promote traditional sports and games (TSGs) by conducting academic seminars for young sports scholars and producing mini-documentary videos for TSGs.

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  • Shiling Lin IOC Young Leaders

    IOC Young Leader Shiling Lin feeling "lucky and excited" to be part of Beijing 2022 Olympic Torch Relay

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