Sang Eun Lee


Republic of Korea


#5 Gender Equality

#3 Good Health and Well-Being
#10 Reduced Inequalities

IOC YL bio:

Sang Eun is a former athlete in short track and speed skating, and is currently playing ice hockey. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies. She was a team host in charge of the Women’s Ice Hockey Games in PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Her goal is to practice international sports law and to advocate for those who are displaced due to inequality.


The Dream League

"Let the puck drop for the girls." The Dream League provides opportunites for Korean girl ice hockey players to train and play games. Playing games is crucial for every athlete, regardless of their gender. However, the basic opportunity is not given enough to the girls. In partnership with the national association, The Dream League will reduce the gap between male and female ice hockey and deliver training sessions and games for the youth participants, particularly girls, from every province.

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