Pedro Cavazoni



Pedro has been part of the IOC youth community since 2012, participating in the Young Ambassadors and Young Ambassador Gold programmes which preceded the creation of the IOC Young Leaders. He now serves as a “Buddy” to other IOC Young Leaders.

Pedro Cavazoni

Project description:

Ski Na Rua means “Skiing on the Street.” It is a social project that uses sport to positively impact vulnerable young people in the Sao Remo community in São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city.

The project, now an established NGO, was founded by Leandro Ribela, an Olympian in Cross Country Skiing. It provides roller ski and other sports training, language classes, cultural activities and work experience to more than 100 kids aged 7 to 20.

Ski Na Rua also helps develop high-level athletes. Two graduates have so far qualified to the Youth Olympic Games and one to the Olympic Winter Games.



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