Paniz Yousefi Mojtahedi



Paniz is a BWF badminton coach and tutor who founded in 2016 an integration project for children and young adults called “Better Future with Fyrisfjädern”. She changed her studies to engineering Prosthetics and Orthotics because of her new project, Parallel Play founded 2019. In addition, she supports the COVID-19 Sports Response by Yunus Sports Hub. Paniz was also a Young Sport Maker at Global Sports Week Paris 2020, and has been a speaker at the EU commissions forum on the rights of the child, Youth SDG Summit and at professor Muhammad Yunus’ Global Social Business Summit.

Paniz Yousefi Mojtahedi


Parallel Play is a project to support the inclusion of people with disabilities, by allowing them to become champions in the accessible sport of badminton. The idea is to open up training groups for athletes with different disabilities in existing badminton clubs. The long-term goal is to have athletes qualified for the Paralympics and Special Olympic World Games in badminton. The project has established para badminton and special badminton in five badminton clubs; been part of six camps; secured four medals at its first international competition in Helsinki; secured a total of eight medals. Parallel Play went from having one player representing Sweden to reaching a total of 80 players with 20 athletes who want to compete and represent their country.


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