Mayssa Bsaibes





#3 Good Health and Well-Being

#10 Reduced Inequalities
#13 climate action
#5 gender equality
#12 Responsible Consumption and Production

IOC YL bio:

Mayssa is an Architect and a former Lebanese table tennis champion. She shifted her career to follow her passion for sports. As a PhD candidate, her research focuses on women representation and leadership in Lebanese sports. Her aim is to promote gender equality in the Middle East and specially in Lebanon.


Kee-PING Hope | أمل

The project name is Kee-PING Hope | أمل . Hope for all Lebanese children that are still suffering from the current economic and political situation in Lebanon.
The goal is to build sustainable table tennis tables, bats and nets with unconventional designs and implement them in orphanages. Having weekly table tennis trainings with tournaments between different orphanages and additional workshop sessions about life skills and well-being.
The materials can be purchased from our social media platform and the revenue will be reimplemented in the project. We aim to create table tennis tables from waste materials and place them where children can benefit for their own mental health and development.

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