María Renée Rodríguez



María Renée a professional racquetball athlete and the current Player Representative of the International Racquetball Federation. She is passionate about promoting sport as a catalyst for social change. She was a silver medallist at the 2019 Pan Am Games and holds a bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology.

María Renée Rodríguez

Project description:

“Athlete Leaders” education project was born with the intention of positively impacting athletes aged 14 to 18. It focuses on developing leadership skills so that athletes can become agents of change in their sports and communities. The project will be delivered in partnership with the Guatemalan Olympic Committee, the Guatemalan Sports Confederation and the Pan-American Business School. The first part of the programme will cover theoretical-practical content through online webinars, while the second part will focus on an interactive final task, through which athletes will put into action the new leadership skills they acquired.


Facebook athlete page: @mariareneerod
Instagram: @mariareneerodriguez

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