Lode Goossens



Lode has been involved in the IOC Young Leaders programme since 2016 and was appointed as a member of the IOC Athlete’s Entourage Commission in 2017. Professionally, he works on talent identification and individual talent development pathways for adolescent athletes, and on injury prevention for young and not-so-young athletes.

Lode Goossens


Lode started a multi-skill project around broad motor development for young children in 2016. It continues to lay a healthy foundation for lifelong sports participation with a group of 250 kids per year.

In 2018 Lode founded an NGO as a second IOC Young Leaders project. Sportfonds aims to remove barriers for children in vulnerable situations to get involved in local sport clubs in the city of Aalst (Belgium). Lode currently runs the project together with his two brothers.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lodegoossens/
Web: www.sportfonds.be

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