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Welcome to the Learning Hub, intended for those taking part in the 4-Week Learning Sprint, stage one of the 2023-2026 IOC Young Leaders application and selection process.

On this page you will find posted all the learning materials, content and information relevant to all four sessions of the 4-Week Learning Sprint.

The 4-Week Learning Sprint sessions are scheduled to take place virtually (on Zoom) on 8, 15, 22 and 29 November 2022, from 13h to 14h30 Central European Time (CET), in the following order:

  1. IOC Young Leaders as ambassadors of Olympism365
  2. IOC Young Leaders as community members – part of purpose-led Olympic partnerships
  3. IOC Young Leaders as designers of value-based projects
  4. IOC Young Leaders as social entrepreneurs

Throughout the four sessions of the 4-Week Learning Sprint, open to anyone, we aim to:

  • Support the participants in their journey by preparing them for the IOC Young Leaders programme application commencing in December. Reminder: completing the 4-Week Learning Sprint is a mandatory step in the application process.
  • Assist the participants in designing concepts that may turn into clear, practical, feasible, yet innovative sport-based social projects, aligned with our Olympism365 strategy and the Olympic values.   
  • Promote the Olympic values, Olympism365 and the Olympic Movement, and discuss with the participants the meaning of sport for social development through the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.  
  • Engage with a greater community of young leaders across the globe.

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Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you in the sessions!

Week 1 – 7 to 13 November 2022

Session 1, “IOC Young Leaders as ambassadors of Olympism365”, will take place on 8 November 2022 from 13h to 14h30 CET.

Session outcomes: the first session will focus on the introduction to the 4-Week Learning Sprint and the ongoing application process. The participants will also be introduced to the concept of Olympism365 and its significance to the IOC Young Leaders programme. Finally, we will speak about the role of IOC Young Leaders as Olympism365 ambassadors.

Information published after the session:

Week 2 – 14 to 20 November 2022

Session 2, “IOC Young Leaders as community members – part of purpose-led Olympic partnerships” will take place on 15 November 2022 from 13h to 14h30 CET.

Session outcomes: In week two we will talk about the programme as a community, the importance of seeking meaningful partnerships within and outside of the programme (peer, connect groups, sponsors, organisations, other communities), and engagement as the key element of leadership development whether it is leading one’s project or leading in a group.

We will also introduce IOC’s Purpose-Led Partnership initiative and our collaboration with Panasonic as the programme’s Founding Partner.

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Week 3 – 21 to 27 November 2022

Session 3, “IOC Young Leaders as designers of value-based projects” will take place on 22 November 2022 from 13h to 14h30 CET. 

Session outcomes: Week three will bring about the concept of project design and its key principles, including value-based principles that each IOC Young Leader can and should incorporate into their work. We will introduce core principle which need to be integrated in projects from the very start: sustainability, gender equality and inclusion.

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Week 4 – 28 November to 3 December 2022

Session 4, “IOC Young Leaders as social entrepreneurs” will take place on 29 November 2022 from 13.00 to 14.30 CET. 

Session outcomes: In our last session we will focus on development of social projects/businesses through sport, as part of an IOC Young Leader’s role as a social entrepreneur. In this session, we will also discuss the next steps following the finalisation of the 4-Week Learning Sprint, and dedicate time to specific questions participants might have about the programme and the process ahead.

IMPORTANT: Please note that following the poll conducted during the third session, the participants of the Learning Sprint have expressed an overwhelming need to have a dedicated session in December to ask various questions concerning the second stage of the application process and the project idea they have to submit as part of their application.

The programme team will respond to this need and organise a session early December. The information about the date and time will be shared on this page, through email and via our social media.   

Information published after the session:

Extra Session – 6 December 2022

An extra session of the 4-Week Learning Sprint will take place on 6 December 2022 from 13h to 14h CET. 

The objective of this extra session is to review any questions that Learning Sprint participants might have to be ready to submit their IOC Young Leaders application form.

Please note that the team and the panelists will address questions that are not already covered in the information published on our website

Information published after the session:

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