Lawrence (Lance) Tan



Philippines/United States


#4 Quality Education

#3 Good Health and Well-Being
#10 Reduced Inequalities

IOC YL bio:

Lawrence is a foil fencer, the first Philippine Youth Olympic fencer (2018), and the first Philippine fencer to be recruited as a NCAA Division 1 scholarship athlete at Sacred Heart University in the United States. He aspires to help underprivileged athletes have better access to education through sport.


Fencing IQ

Fencing IQ is a social development project that will provide fencing and mentorship opportunities for middle and junior high school athletes in the Philippines. The athletes will take part in focused and higher level fencing clinics parallel to forming meaningful mentorship relationships, which will furnish athletes and their families with valuable information, specific guidance, an extensive network and skills training necessary to become recruited scholarship athletes at public and private educational institutions both in the Philippines and abroad. Through the power of sport, students will have better access to quality education, which will lead to reduced inequalities, as well as better health and well-being.

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