Josefina Salas



Josefina is a former alpine skier and coach who has been named to the IOC Public Affairs and Social Development through Sport Commission and the board of the Olympic Refuge Foundation. She has a double degree in Transportation and Industrial Engineering and currently works at Boston Consulting Group.

Josefina Salas

Project description:

Josefina’s first project, TuDeporte, provides weekly tennis and field hockey lessons to children from vulnerable communities around the Catholic University of Chile. Sessions are delivered by student athletes, working with around 80 kids per year. Following IOC seed funding, the project is now self-sustaining.

A second project , DeporteUnido, developed with Chilean Handball player Marco Oneto, provides sports activities to teenagers living in detention centres.,providing structure, a safe space to achieve and an outlet for energy helping to improve emotional control. When released, the young people are connected to local sports clubs to continue their development.



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