Jemima Montag, OLY





#5 Gender Equality

#3 Good Health and Well-Being
#10 Reduced Inequalities

IOC YL bio:

Jemima is an Olympian, the Australian record holder for the 20km racewalk, and a full time medical student. She is combining her passions for health, physical activity, and gender equality with her IYL project 'Play On'. In her spare time Jemima loves to cook for friends and family, or see some art in her beautiful city of Melbourne.


Play On

Play On is an e-resource that equips 15-18 year old girls with the knowledge and skills they need to stay engaged in sport and recreation. The four modules are designed to address the unique barriers to young women in sport, and those are: female athlete health, mental health, nutrition, and inclusivity. As you work through each module, you will have access to 14 recorded presentations with diverse women experts in this field as well as a lesson plan and summary sheet to keep the key messages with you forever. These experts include current Australian Olympians and Paralympians, as well as the Director of the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, sports physicians, sports dieticians, and body image experts. By opening up opportunities to keep playing sport for all young women and girls, Play On will contribute to a generation of confident and empowered women.

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