Gabriela Matus Bonilla



Gabriela is an industrial designer currently working in the accessibility field. She joined the IOC Young Leaders Programme in Nanjing 2014 as Young Ambassador and had the opportunity to deliver two projects as a Young Leader: Atletas Líderes (online leadership training for athletes in cooperation with Guatemalan Olympic Committee and Sport Confederation) and United Play Guatemala (delivering sport equipment and learning sessions to children living in vulnerable conditions in Guatemala). She was appointed as IOC Women in Sport Commission member in 2017, has supported the IOC as a volunteer at the YOG and is a Community Leader at Yunus Sports Hub.

Gabriela Matus Bonilla

Project description:

Together with her fellow IOC YL, María Renee Rodriguez, she led “Atletas Líderes'', an initiative that develops leadership skills in 50 national athletes aged between 14 and 20 with online training sessions in partnership with the Guatemalan Olympic Committee and its Athlete’s Commission, Sports Confederation and a local University. This project was created to positively impact the athletes to become leaders and change-makers in their communities and sport teams. (


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