Elena Mercedes Haro Lima


Guatemala / Peru


#10 Reduced Inequalities
#11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

#3 Good Health and Well-Being
#12 Responsible Consumption and Production

IOC YL bio:

Elena Mercedes is a former member of the Women’s Saber National Fencing Team of Guatemala. She holds a Master’s degree in Sports Management and a Bachelor’s in International Relations. Her goal is to generate transformative change in and through sports to accomplish both social and economic development goals in Latin America.


"Through the project, the aim is to improve access to sports/physical activities in local communities by implementing socially responsible initiatives that:
1. Increase the opportunities for physical activity participation for least active groups (such as girls, women, older adults, rural and indigenous communities, and vulnerable or marginalized populations)
2. Facilitate access to safe, regular, and affordable or free sports physical activities in public spaces
3. Raise knowledge and awareness about the benefits of applying socially responsible principles in sports events/activities in Latin America. There are no edits to the content but rather can the numbers be indented so that they are pushed over to the right? "

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