Edin Brankovic



Edin is a motivation investigator, social entrepreneur, and world class athlete. He was trained in management through the Baku European Games Academy and the IOC YL programme from 2012 to 2018. Edin is passionate about supporting people not only to perform better but also to recognise their personal values.

Edin Brankovic

Excellence Academy, founded in 2016, is a programme that aims to enable youth to identify and nurture personal values and talents through sport, education and culture. The Academy proposes a holistic education approach which focuses on inspiring participants to become community leaders and well-rounded professionals who will remain great advocates of sport and Olympic Values.

The programme includes three fields:

  • Sport: physical education, philosophy of Olympic Values, science of motivation
  • Education: life and leadership skills, social entrepreneurship, mindfulness in education, liberal arts
  • Culture: culture and heritage through OVEP, cultural and religious pluralism

Over 200 participants (ages 12-21) have benefitted to-date.


Facebook: facebook.com/excellenceacademybosnia
Official website: excellenceacademy.ba/

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