Christel Saneh



Being an athlete, an illustrator and a sports journalist led Christel to stand out in the sports field. She combined her graphic skills, her passion for sports and journalism to create a comic book about Arab women competing at the Olympics, and a board game to promote Olympism through play. She worked alongside Tony Tarraf to develop the board game. Her journey began with Track & Field Society and extended to the IOC Young Reporters and IOC Young Leaders programs, and the IOC Communication commission.

Christel Saneh


Christel and Tony joined forces to create “Torch Race,” a board game designed to promote Olympic Education, Olympism and the Olympic Movement through play. The concept of the game is based on the torch relay. Each player is a torch bearer with a mission to light the Cauldron. The first player to do so is declared the winner. Along the way, players must face obstacles (such as doping traps), culture questions about the Games and challenges from their peers. Landing on certain squares will also require them to complete some physical activities.



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