Adrián Ruiz de Magdalena


Adrian has been a wild water canoeist since the age of 13 years. He studied sports science and holds a Masters degree in education. In 2018 he was selected as the Spain’s first IOC Young Leader. He is working to build a better world through sport and, specifically, canoeing.

Adrián Ruiz de Magdalena

Project description:

Adrian’s project is inspired by his life-changing experience at the age of 13, when a coach from the local canoeing club came to his school and convinced him and his friends to try canoeing. It includes a video that has been screened in Calasparra’s city hall and every city school, and which has also been distributed by the regional canoeing federation. Phase two of the project has involved providing taster club canoeing sessions with a third-phase monitoring participants’ ongoing motivation towards canoeing and physical activity as a driver of wellbeing.


Project video:

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