Waterloo Wellington Adult Day Services Network

22 Mar 2016


Adult Day Services promote wellness and dignity to older adults with physical, cognitive, social, medical and health issues through day services that offer recreation and socialisation.

Location Waterloo-Wellington Ontario, Canada
Organisation Waterloo Wellington Adult Day Services Network
Start-end date Ongoing
Target group Older Adults ages 50+
Reach 1,500 different individuals with over 65,000 programme visits per year at 23 programme sites
Partners Community Care Concepts, City of Waterloo, The Region of Waterloo Community Alzheimer Programs, KW Senior Day Program, City of Cambridge, East Wellington Community Services, City of Kitchener, Trinity Village Adult Day Program, St. Josephs Health Centre Guelph and the Victoria Order of Nurses (VON). The Waterloo-Wellington Local Health Integration Network provides funding for all of the Adult Day Services
Key facts With a rapid increase in the aging population, it is important that services such as these proactively plan to meet the social and recreational needs of this group to support their health and wellness. The Older Adult age group comprised 28% of the population (194,800) in Waterloo Wellington in 2005 but will grow to 34% of the population by 2015 (273,300). Population projections for individuals with Dementia/Alzheimer indicate that in 2011 there were 9,450 people living with dementia in this region, representing a 28% increase from 2008-2011. By 2016, this is expected to increase to 10,942.
For inspiration Each partner organisation has its own website specific to the programme site. For general information on day programmes in Waterloo Wellington please visit:

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As individuals age, the need to participate in social and recreational programmes becomes of great importance in maintaining one’s physical and emotional health. Regardless of an individual’s ability, older adults require opportunities to meaningfully participate in activities, but may require support to be successful in these endeavours. The Waterloo Wellington Adult Day Services Network is a collaborative group of agencies working in partnership with older adults who have complex needs to provide supported social and recreational activities that assist individuals to remain living in their home. Recreational activities that are provided in these programmes daily include SMART exercises, sports-related activities and interests, and cognitive activities that aid in maintaining their cognitive functioning.



Developing partnerships has strengthened the ability of these programmes to provide enhanced support and services to programme clients. One such partnership has been with the VON SMART programme. This programme is an exercise programme that supports safe and effective exercises that are geared to the needs of older adults, but also specifically focus on exercises that strengthen key muscle groups that support participants to maintain their activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, walking, etc.). All Adult Day Service staff were trained in SMART exercises and facilitate these programmes on a daily basis.

Quality Improvement Framework

The Best Practice Guidelines for the Waterloo Wellington Adult Day Services is a tool that was designed to assist in developing practices that support a quality programme experience for all people served, as well as their families. Additionally, these guidelines support a standardised approach to adult day service provision in Waterloo Wellington to ensure that the same standard of care and support is delivered across all programmes.

Waterloo Wellington Adult Day Services Network


Improve public health and well-being

Day services promote not only physical health but also emotional health. As individuals age it becomes of greater importance to participate in physical activity to maintain their health. Physical activities assist in strengthening key muscle groups that enable older adults to maintain their independence and prevent falls. Furthermore, participating in day services strengthens an individual’s social connections thereby reducing social isolation, loneliness and depression.

Provide equal access to sport

Adult Day Services provide at least a half an hour of facilitated physical exercise daily. Additionally, programmes also provide sports-related activities that can be modified to accommodate their physical needs. This supports an individual’s ability to participate in activities that they might perceive are no longer possible due to advancing age and/or infirmity. It is amazing to see the look on a participant’s face when they accomplish a task they think has been long forgotten.


Individuals are connected to Adult Day Services in a variety of ways, but most often this is achieved through the suggestion of a health professional.


The Adult Day Service Network has designed and implemented a validated client and caregiver satisfaction survey. These surveys enable the programmes to gauge their effectiveness and assist in determining if they are meeting the needs of programme participants and their caregivers. Based upon the feedback received, programmes develop annual quality improvement plans which ensure that programmes are responsive to the interests and needs of participants.

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