24 Mar 2016


Transforma aims to help participants discover new opportunities for the practice of Olympic and Paralympic sports and to promote community engagement with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Organisation Rio 2016 Education Programme
Start-end date November 2014 – December 2016
Target group All ages
Reach 1,000 – 2,000 participants per sporting introduction
Partners National Federations Confederations, Local government departments for education and sport, Olympic Games facilities
Key facts Since its introduction, Transforma Sport Festival has delivered a series of introductory sessions to over 30 Olympic and Paralympic sports. This has been supported by the launch of an online portal offering a host of educational material and practical guides to a number of specific groups including youth coordinators, teachers, young athletes and the public at large.
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The Transforma Sport Festival involves a series of introductory events to a variety of sports which can be sampled by local community residents. People of all ages are invited to experience new sports and to discover new skills. Transforma places a strong emphasis on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, encouraging engagement from the local community with the Games themselves. There is also an educational component, highlighting the importance of physical activity and promoting the Olympic values amongst participants. Training for programme organisers is also provided, ensuring similar events will continue to take place long after the Rio Games conclude.


Family focused

Transforma Sport Festival targets participants across all age groups. It specifically focuses on generating opportunities for different generations to share experiences through the practice of sport. The event takes place at the weekend, ensuring that as many family members as possible can attend. There is also a designated area for practice for children between 3 and 9 years old.

Partnership with National Federations

The sports instructors that deliver the introductory courses are fully trained professionals from the national federations of the sports in question. Each instructor has the experience and technical knowledge to teach the basic rules and fundamental movements required to play the sport. These instructors are also well-positioned to identify potential talent in young participants in the unique context of their relevant sport.

Leveraging the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

With Brazil hosting the world’s biggest sport event in South America for the first ever time, the local population is eager to contribute and be a part of this landmark occasion. The Transforma Sport Festival taps into this energy to encourage local engagement with the Games, promote the Olympic values and highlight the importance of physical activity. The programme targets the Olympic and Paralympic sports that will be experienced during the Games. This ensures a positive synergy between the programme and the hosting of the Games and that a lasting impact will be generated.

Rio 2016 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games


Foster Olympic legacy

The Transforma Sport Festival brings together Olympic and Paralympic sports that are not commonly known or practiced in Brazil, such as archery, badminton and rugby. The initiative expands the access to sports outside the “magic four” (football, volleyball, basketball and handball). In doing so, the programme attracts other groups who are less used to participating in physical activities and introduces them to other alternatives.

Promote sport and physical activities

The programme utilises the presence of famous athletes at every edition of the Festival. These athletes actively engage with the participants, taking part in sporting demonstrations and speaking to groups. This allows them to explain the importance of sport and physical activity through the example of their own careers and personal experiences.

Support active societies

The Transforma Sport Festival programme is organized by the Rio 2016 Education Programme. The organisers communicate directly with the 2,500 schools that are part of the programme and formally invite them to participate. This ensures that there is always a strong sense of community within the programme.

Provide equal access to sport

Every edition of the Transforma Sport Festival offers the opportunity to experience Paralympic sports and welcome Paralympic athletes. This enables the programme to raise awareness about issues such as accessibility, respect for people with disabilities and the high level of sporting performance enjoyable at the Paralympic Games.


The programme is communicated through a variety of channels. The most prominent of these is the official website which is also linked to the Rio 2016 site and partner sites, including those of the National Federations. The Transforma project is also promoted via social media, email, press releases and through visual communication on-site. Furthermore, campaigns within schools and travelling audio promotion within local areas helps to drive community awareness.


The organisers monitor and gather data on a number of key metrics surrounding the programme. These include the number of National Federations involved, the number of sports covered, the number of participants present compared with forecast, the level of media coverage, the number of athlete visits and the inclusion of new sports in sport centre curricula, amongst many others.

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