Ready, Set, Gold!

Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games

15 Mar 2016


As the only programme of its kind in the United States, “Ready, Set, Gold!” inspires and motivates students towards physical exercise, health, good nutrition and fitness as guidelines for their entire life.

Los Angeles (USA)
Organisation Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games
Start-end date
2006 – ongoing
Target group age
9 – 15 years old
25,000 children per year
Los-Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Samsung Electronics North America
Key facts
A study found a “41 % increase” in students scoring in the “healthy fitness zone” of the Fitnessgram test.
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RSG! is a mentoring programme. Olympians and Paralympians are assigned to a specific public school and make five visits to their adopted school at intervals throughout the school year to help promote student fitness, nutrition and healthy living habits. Their mission is to inspire, motivate and educate their students about health and fitness as long-term goals. The main objective of the programme is to tackle the epidemic problems of childhood obesity and diabetes by providing students with real life examples from Olympians and Paralympians on setting goals and being successful in sport and in life.


Public-Private Partnership

RSG! is a public-private partnership between the Southern California Committee of Olympic Games and the Los-Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). This partnership works to provide a much needed and beneficial service which the LAUSD is unable to provide on its own.

Olympians and Paralympians

RSG! Olympians and Paralympians are at the heart of the programme, which would not have the same success and influence without them. They are passionate about health and fitness as life-long objectives and eager to share their passion, knowledge and experience.

Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games


Promote sport and physical activity

RSG! serves as a life-long model for students fighting the epidemics of diabetes and obesity by emphasising physical activity and healthy living habits. During their visits to the schools, the Olympians encourage each student to improve their fitness and eating habits.

Improve public health and well-being

Ready, Set, Gold! promotes student fitness, nutrition and overall well-being. The programme’s goal is to shape the future by eliminating the epidemics of diabetes and obesity. A study found a 41% increase in students scoring in the “healthy fitness zone” of the Fitnessgram test. There are examples of teachers and other students who have been motivated by RSG to lose weight and make important lifestyle changes on their own. By giving students direct interaction with Olympians, the programme provides students with real life examples of how setting goals helped the Olympians to be successful and healthy in sport and in life.


A mix of channels is used to promote the programme and mobilise the audience. A professional public relations expert is employed and social media is used: Facebook and Twitter. The website – – is available for information and updates. News and updates on recruiting and choosing the Olympians and teachers for the programme, weekly updates, monitoring school visits, training and orientation meetings for Olympians and teachers, and presentations at industry conferences all provide communication opportunities for the programme.

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