Move Week Croatia

21 Mar 2016


The aim of the programme is to have 600,000 more Croatians moving by 2020.

Organisation DRITE – Association of Kinesiology Students in Scholarly Work
Start-end date
7-13 October 2013
Target group age
All age groups
Over 5,500 participants in 2013
The Institute of Public Health County of Medimurje, Association for Sport Recreation City of Zagreb “Sport for All” in Croatia, International Sport and Culture Association, European Cyclists Federation, Eurosport, European Union
Key facts
During MOVE Week 2013 Croatia, a total of 97 events was held across the country, for over 5,500 participants and 2,600 spectators, organised by 110 volunteers.
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MOVE Week 2013 Croatia was the part of MOVE Week, an annual European-wide event with more than 1,200 events in over 30 countries, which is an integral part of the NowWeMove Campaign (2012-2020). MOVE Week is an annual week of movement and sport organised throughout Europe to encourage citizens to engage in physical activity or sport. The vision of the campaign is to have 100 million more Europeans active in sport and physical activity by 2020. The three overall goals of the programme are to raise awareness of the benefits of sport and physical activity among Europeans; encourage broader participation in sport and physical activity; and increase accessible opportunities to be active in sport and physical activity by developing new initiatives. 2013 was the second year Croatia was part of MOVE Week.


Move agents at the centre

MOVE Week depends heavily on the involvement of its MOVE Agents. MOVE Agents are individuals, non-governmental organisations, schools, clubs, companies and municipalities who have registered as event organisers to organise community events that promote the benefits of being physically active during MOVE Week. Becoming a MOVE Agent is very easy: one only has to provide some details about the organiser and the activity/event on the programme’s international website. All MOVE Agents receive professional tools to help spread the word and attract as many event participants and supporters as possible. MOVE Agents who register early receive a MOVE Week Minimum Package, including NowWeMove T-shirts, a banner, stickers and bracelets.

A wide range of activities to choose from

The programme is about having fun and for participants to find their MOVE. As long as the event gets people active it is eligible to be part of MOVE Week. To promote MOVE Week, a flashmob was held simultaneously in 34 different cities in Europe with a special MOVE Week choreography that was later used in a promotional video. During MOVE Week 2013, a total of 96 events were organised throughout Croatia. The events ranged from a 20km bike ride and 5km fun run to swimming, karate, Nordic walking, zumba and quadro (a four-ball sports tournament).

Photos DRITE


Promote sport and physical activity

The mission of the NowWeMove campaign is to promote the benefits of being active and participating regularly in sport and physical activity.

Improve public health and well-being

Lack of physical activity is a bigger threat to public health than smoking. Two-thirds of the adult population aged over 15 in Europe do not reach the recommended level of activity. To tackle this, the NowWeMove campaign was launched with the vision of having 100 million more Europeans active in sport and physical activity by 2020.


MOVE Week 2013 Croatia was communicated through a wide variety of channels, including a website, social media platforms, radio and television and physical promotion materials such as banners and posters. Furthermore, the international NowWeMove campaign is communicated via a dedicated international website, social media and on Eurosport.


An evaluation of MOVE Week Croatia was carried out by the coordinating organisation, measuring the number of events held, participants, spectators, volunteers, partners and media publications. Furthermore, an international evaluation was published by the International Sport and Culture Association.

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