Coca-Cola Active Living Programme

18 Mar 2016


The Coca-Cola Active Living Programme aims to increase sports participation for school kids aged between 12 and 19, and to make them experience the joy of sport together, during their whole school career.

Organisation An exclusive partnership between Coca-Cola, NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee) and KVLO (the organisation for physical education teachers)
Start-end date
2003 – ongoing
Target group age
School kids aged between 12 and 19 years old
Key facts
20 countries targeted. Six sports covered (football, volleyball, basketball, netball, table tennis). There are currently more than 42 million refugees around the world.
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Together with the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) and the federation of Dutch physical education teachers, Coca-Cola is a founding partner of Coca-Cola Active Living Programme, the biggest school sport competition in the Netherlands. Launched in 2003, this programme helps to promote active and healthy lifestyles. In 2011, more than 150,000 students and 48% of secondary schools participated in Coca-Cola Active Living Programme, and 5,500 participated at the national finals in Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium, home of the 1928 Olympic Games.


Unique partnership model

A key reason for the success of the sports kits programme is its strong partnership model. By combining their expertise, the NOC*NSF and Coca-Cola have given the programme a unique and ambitious scope.

The programme’s design

The programme provides a really exciting experience for all teenagers because they have the opportunity to meet other teenagers from different schools. It creates a good atmosphere and friendly competition between all Dutch schools.

Communication channel

The programme has tailored its communication channels to reach a young audience. Social media platforms are widely used by teenagers to communicate.


Promote sport and physical activity

The Coca-Cola Active Living Programme aims at involving as many schools as possible in the programme to create an active and healthy movement in the Netherlands. The impressive and increasing number of participants demonstrates by itself that, in 10 years, the programme has succeeded in promoting physical activity and in increasing sport participation for teenagers aged between 12 and 19.

Improve public health and well-being

The Coca-Cola Active Living Programme provides teenagers with an opportunity to practise sport all together. Even though the competition is only two or three days a year, teenagers train for this event every week, thereby decreasing the rate of obesity.


Communication is achieved through a social media platform (Facebook) and other media, including the Coca-Cola website.


For the first edition in 2003, about 1,000 participants from 27 schools took part in the Coca-Cola Active Living Programme. Five years later, the number of participants increased five-fold, and came from 100 schools. In 2008, the partnership focused on embracing the complete school sports competition and the programme included some qualification rounds and regional finals. In 2012, 150,000 participants representing 325 schools took part in the qualifying round, 25,000 in regional finals and 5,500 at the school final. In 2016, the Coca-Cola Active Living Programme’s objective is to have 400 participating schools representing 65% of the secondary schools in Netherlands.

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