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The Sport and Active Society Commission (formerly the Sport for All Commission) advises the IOC Session, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC President on all the activities of the Olympic Movement that are related to using sport to improve physical activity in the population, giving access to sport as a right for all, and on engaging in sports activities with a special focus on youth.


Olympic Agenda 2020 reflects the fact that sport is more important in society than ever, and increasing activity and engagement in sport in society should be a key goal of governments and non-governmental agencies throughout the world.

The responsibilities of the Sport and Active Society Commission are to:

  • Give input on relevant activities related to the implementation of Olympic Agenda 2020 specifically related to promoting an active life style in society, with a focus on youth;
  • Engaging society in sport and work with various parties to build on the sport legacy of the Olympic Games and major events to get the wider community active;
  • Facilitate synergies among various organisations, which work to increase the accessibility of sport as a right for all.

The Sport and Active Society Commission is supported by the Sports Department.




  • Syed Shahid ALI
  • Felicite RWEMARIKA
  • Baklai TEMENGIL
  • Filomena FORTES
  • Fernando AGUERRE
  • Yuko ARIMORI
  • Wolfgang BAUMANN
  • Joël BOUZOU
  • Jörg BROKAMP
  • Young Tae CHA
  • Raffaele CHIULLI
  • Nadin DAWANI
  • Robbert DE KOCK
  • Makhtar DIOP
  • Michiko DOHI
  • Karin FEHRES
  • Ricardo FORT
  • Catherine MURCH
  • Moritz FURSTE
  • Muriel HOFER
  • Jens V. HOLM
  • Wilfried LEMKE
  • Nancy MCLENNAN
  • Rodion PLITUKHIN
  • Yumilka RUIZ LUACES
  • David M. SHOEMAKER
  • Kereyn SMITH
  • Rita SUBOWO
  • Laura-Maria TIIDLA
  • Luisa VILLAR
  • Shu'an YANG

Director in charge

  • Sports Director


It is with great pleasure that the Sport and Active Society Commission announces the recipients of the 2019 Development Grant edition:

The organisations will receive an amount of 20’000 CHF to further develop their programmes and contribute to the Sport for All movement.

“It was a tough decision for our members, since we have had so many exceptional programmes in need of funding. However, I think these organisations to be awarded have been contributing as great players with their Sport for All programmes.
Additionally, the great number of applicants shows the reach of the Olympic values throughout the entire world. We need to keep up the first-class work in order to assist the most needed ones, whoever and wherever they are.”

Sam Ramsamy, SAS Commission Chair.

We would also like to thank and congratulate all the applicants for their outstanding work and dedication towards using sport as a tool for social development.

Once again, congratulations to the four organisations. We look forward to working closely with you!

Sport and Active Society

The fundamental idea behind Sport and Active Society is that an active population engaged in sport at all levels makes for a healthier society. For society to realise the full benefits of an active population, it is critical that every member of that population is engaged in some form of sport or physical activity.
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Olympic Day

Olympic Day, Thailand 2013
It was in 1947 during the 41st Session of the International Olympic Committee in Stockholm, that Doctor Gruss, IOC member in Czechoslovakia, presented a report on a World Olympic Day celebration which would primarily be a day of promoting the Olympic idea.
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