in Action Forum

What was the forum about?

By bringing together thousands of athletes and inspiring billions of viewers, the Olympic Games and the spirit of Olympism unite people around the world and promote peace in our society. To further the momentum of using sport for good, the IOC organised the Olympism in Action Forum in Buenos Aires in October 2018.
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A fresh perspective on the Olympic values through art and culture

Culture was an integral part of the Olympism in Action Forum through two main initiatives: the “Ball Game”, a large-scale, temporary installation to bring to life the Olympic values; and “Olympism Made Visible”, an international photography project to reveal how sport can serve humankind through community-based activities around the world.

Ball Game

Olympism made visible

Relive the Forum
The Forum featured a wide variety of sessions, including debates, collaborative workshops, sports demos, inspiring talks, cultural celebrations and more.
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The IOC is walking the talk on sustainability

Minimal waste, sustainable materials, local providers, carbon neutrality and much more: the Olympism In Action Forum was delivered in a way that minimised its environmental footprint and raised participants’ awareness about sustainability.
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