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Secondary school students


Olympism lectures and activities


This is one of the ways the Singapore Olympic Academy (SOA) works with all stakeholders to promote Olympism. The Young Team Singapore Ambassador Programme (YTSA) is a programme that comes under Team Singapore. Team Singapore is a unit in the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and shares part of the educational responsibilities of the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC).


Team Singapore organises a 3-day & 2 Night course entitled Young Team Singapore Ambassadors (YTSA). The Singapore Olympic Academy is given 4 hours to explain Olympism, The YTSA course is open to all secondary school students wishing to become a Sport Ambassador.


To promote the Olympic Movement, its symbols and objectives, through the personal experience of the Olympians.


The Young Team Singapore Ambassador Programme is an initiative by Team Singapore in the Singapore School Sports Council. It aims to recruit young people who wish to become Sports Ambassadors to disseminate the key messages of Team Singapore - excellence, national pride and team spirit - throughout the school population in Singapore.

The role of the Young Ambassadors is to promote the practice of sport among secondary school students, so that sport becomes an integral part of the way of life in Singapore.

The lecture on Olympism is delivered by professors from the Institute of Education together with an Olympian. With the help of audio-visual material, photos and educational material, the students discover the Olympic experience, its symbols and its history. Exchange is encouraged through discussions and competitions allowing the pupils to test their knowledge.

ResultsThe course has taken place once a year since 2003. Each session brings together some 80 to 100 participants. Alumni are continuing to help Team Singapore conduct the Course. This is very successful because the secondary school students relate easily with the young Ambassadors.

The YTSA graduants realise that Olympism is not about taking part in the Olympics but that it a philosophy of life that can be adopted regardless of race, language or religion. And that everything about the Olympics can be used in their daily life at home, in school and in the community. Ambassadors learn to use but not misuse the Olympic symbols.

Practical advice

  • Get as many Olympians on board. Help them prepare slides on the generic aspects of Olympic Movement, Goals of the Movement, the philosophy of Olympism, the role of Olympism to achieve the goal of the Movement, the three values of the Movement (excellence, respect and friendship), the various “symbols” of the Olympics (eg the flag, the rings, the motto, the creed, the torch, the torch relay etc.), the Ancient Games, The Modern Games, etc.
  • Then help Olympians prepare the story of their life as athletes preparing for and participating in competitions and how the three values have played and still play, a part in their lives.
  • Then help Olympians link their life story to the three values and to the goal of the Olympic Movement.
  • Purchase as many books and DVDs of Olympics.
  • Need for 4 hours of lectures and “hands-on” discussions.
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