Seychelles / Olympic clubs

Target audiences

6-17 year-old pupils


Creation of Olympic Clubs in schools


Selection and training of volunteer teachers to act as facilitators in schools.


Since 2004, the Seychelles NOC has been setting up Olympic Clubs in primary and secondary schools throughout the country, with the collaboration of local teachers acting as facilitators.


Disseminate the Olympic ideals and values through artistic, sporting or fun activities.


The programme aims to gradually set up Olympic Clubs in all primary and secondary schools throughout the country.

In each establishment, teachers are recruited as volunteers to act as facilitators. These teachers are responsible for creating and animating a club in their school. They receive specific training to enable them to fulfil this role.

A manual has been created by the Seychelles NOC for training the facilitators. This manual addresses various subjects such as Olympic education, the educational virtues of sport, fair play, understanding between peoples, the contribution of Olympism to world peace and the harmonious development of the human being.

Each week, the Clubs organise one-hour sessions on themes linked to Olympic education. Various activities are developed according to the age of the pupils (between 6 and 17). Depending on the case, these can be artistic, sporting or literary activities, as well as competitions, games, tests, etc.

This programme has been widely disseminated throughout the country through various media (radio, television and national written press). Targeted information has been given to primary and secondary schools and to all the sports federations and associations in the country.


The programme was launched in 2004. Since then, 21 Olympic Clubs have been created and are active in various regions throughout the country.

Practical advice
  • There should be follow-up, close monitoring
  • Refresher course
  • Reporting of the activity
  • Recruiting of facilitators
Downloads and useful links

Discover the "Olympic Handbook for Facilitators", published by the Seychelles National Olympic Academy :
Olympic_Club_Handbook_for_Facilitators (zip file)


Country: Seychelles
Organisation: Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association of Seychelles
Contact: Mr. Alain Alcindor, Secretary General

P.O. Box 584
Victoria Mahe

Phone: +248 225 553
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