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Target Audiences

School and university students, all levels; athletes and general public


Interactive exhibition


Exhibition on various aspects of Olympism


The activity consists of a guided tour through the different educational sections that aim to introduce the Olympic Movement and the concept of Olympism. The visitor can fully take part through interactive activities.


To give an overall view of the different aspects of Olympism, its ideals and its principles.


The exhibition is subdivided into 12 sections, which address successively, all the aspects of Olympism:
• The visit to five gardens - representing the five continents - is an introduction to the symbols of Olympism
• Twelve works of art each represent an aspect of sport, making the visitors aware of the Olympic values through art
• The detailed presentation of the sports federations and the different sports found in Cyprus aiming to encourage young people to practise a sporting activity
• The discovery of ancient Olympia - the birthplace of Olympism - allows the visitor to understand the rituals respected during the Ancient Games
• The presentation of the revival of the Olympic Games and the circumstances that led to the creation of the modern Olympic Games enables the visitor to understand the historical evolution of the Movement
• Through photo and memorabilia exhibitions and presentations, the visitors become familiar with the functioning of the modern Games and their philosophy
• Activities adapted to the age of the different groups of visitors are proposed to facilitate memorisation and assimilation of the notions learnt during the visit.


The Olympic House Guided Tour regularly welcomes groups of 20-60 people. More than 10.000 visitors have taken part in the tour since September 2006.

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See a film presentation of the Olympic House and other videos on Olympism directly on the web site of the Cypriot NOC:⟨=l1

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