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By holding over 1,000 events and registering 638,476 participants across the United States of America (USA), the USOC organised their biggest Olympic Day in 2015. With the support of National Federations, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), schools, community centres and sports clubs across the country, the National Olympic Committee sought to get as many people active as possible, as well as teach the Olympic values and encourage participants to try new and different sports as demonstrated by Olympians.


To get a maximum number of people in the USA active, the USOC focused on simple but effective methods including distributing newsletters to over a thousand organisations; contacting and inviting Olympians to get involved in celebrations; and launching a creative and integrated communication campaign on their website and social media platforms.

Actions and outcomes included:

  • The creation of a “call to action” flyer was sent to organisations inviting them to take part in Olympic Day 2015.
  • Encouraging event organisers to publish a press release and take photographs and videos of their event.
  • Messages supporting the organization of events for Olympic Day 2015 were promoted at sports conferences, conventions and in cities engaging in the project. For example, the National Federation of BMX riding included their “Learn to Ride” programme in Olympic Day celebrations.
  • Banners, stickers and t-shirts were produced by the USOC, who also created their own NOC toolkit on how to organise an Olympic Day in the USA. These items were distributed to organisations who registered for an event on the USOC website.
  • A database was created by USOC to contact and register Olympians who would be interested in attending an event in their home town.
  • #OlympicDay was promoted by the USOC on their website and social media channels, and they encouraged athletes to use this hashtag when posting their photographs on social media. The general public was then able to connect to their nation’s athletes and the world through Olympic Day.

As hundreds of Olympians attended the events, and in some cases showcased their sport, there was great interest for children and young people to participate in the activities as well as meet and be inspired by their heroes.

With Whom?

NGOs, Sports clubs, National Federations, Community centres and schools across the USA, the public through social media.

Next Steps?

In 2016, the USOC intends to organise over 2,000 events and to increase the number of participants further. Being an established programme at the USOC, Olympic Day is gaining momentum as it continues to grow and yield interest throughout their country.


Through the USOC’s initiatives and communication to potential event organisers and the public, they managed to garner interest from both parties and ensure a strong attendance at events. Participants could consequently meet their Olympic heroes, learn about Olympic values and most importantly – get active. Olympic Day continues to grow each year in the USA and has an exciting future as there are more innovative ways to engage with Olympic Day.

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