CASE STUDY N°2 - Thailand

Olympic Day, Thailand 2013
National Olympic Committee

National Olympic Committee of Thailand


By placing emphasis on all three pillars of Olympic Day - Move, Learn, and Discover – the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Thailand engaged thousands of people of all ages across the country to get involved and active on Olympic Day. In 2014, 100,000 people participated in a variety of Olympic-themed events across the country, where the objective was to inspire both the nation to take part in this annual Day.


All 76 provinces of Thailand.


The NOC of Thailand used Olympic Day as an occasion to spread Olympism across the country, and beyond into neighbouring countries. By focussing on the pillars Move, Learn and Discover, the NOC was able to integrate an active, educational and learning experience for young children and the community as a whole.

  • With planning beginning in January 2014, the Olympic Academy of Thailand sought to engage with a maximum number of people, and particularly children through the pillars of move, learn and discover.
  • The NOC held working groups in Bangkok to discuss the organisation of nationwide events including Olympic Day runs and of advertising strategies in order to ensure that the celebrations were consistent across the country.
  • Olympic Day events were promoted via social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, in addition to the NOC website and through the government of each province. The objective was to engage and inspire as many people to get active on the 23 June 2014.
  • Enthusiasm was such that Olympic Day Runs were held in all 76 provinces of Thailand.
  • Further activities on the day included cultural workshops from drawing pictures of the Olympic Rings to creating crafts inspired by the Olympic Games. The popularity of these activities was such that even the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand took part.
  • 15 Olympians also attended various events across the country to discuss the challenges and unique experiences they have had as Olympic athletes, and proved extremely popular with a young crowd.
  • The team from the Olympic Academy, volunteers and teachers had one simple objective for the day: to relate every activity back to the Olympic movement and remind the participants the philosophy and purpose of Olympic Day.
  • The day was also an opportunity to bring families together, and to encourage them to learn about culture, the values of sport and the Olympic Games, and how they can be applied to everyday life.
With whom?

Thailand Olympic Academy, Government, Schools across Thailand.

Next Steps?

In future Olympic Day celebrations, the NOC of Thailand aims to continue organising activities in all 76 provinces of the country. They also are looking to make the event more accessible and interesting for adults and elderly people.


Everyone had the opportunity to move, learn and discover through a variety of activities, which were suitable for all ages and abilities. For the 2014 edition of Olympic Day, the NOC of Thailand extended its efforts to the entire country, rather than focus solely on one region, to engage with as many people as possible. This led to a significant increase in number of participants from previous editions.

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