Olympic Channel Commission



The Olympic Channel Commission advises the IOC Session, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC President and provides guidance throughout the launch and operation of the Olympic Channel.

The responsibilities of the Olympic Channel Commission are to:

  • Advise in the growth and development of the Olympic Channel from its initial launch phase through to its mature and established form;
  • Be integral to the worldwide promotion of the Olympic Movement and its values, by means of the Olympic Channel;
  • Provide a forum through which all key stakeholders of the Olympic Movement (specifically the International Federations, National Olympic Committees, Rights-Holding Broadcasters and Olympic sponsors), as well as senior professional experts, can contribute their specific know-how, ideas and feedback regarding the Olympic Channel, and provide comment on its approach, content, appearance and strategy;
  • Be the key conduit through which the Olympic Channel will be able to draw upon the valuable knowledge and expertise of its core stakeholders, and ensure their contributions are made available to the responsible governing bodies of the Olympic Channel.

The Olympic Channel Commission is supported by Olympic Broadcasting Services and IOC Television and Marketing Services.




Directors in charge

  • Executive Director of Olympic Channel Services and CEO of Olympic Broadcasting Services
  • Director of Television and Marketing Services


**Temporarily self-suspended

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