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16 Oct 2020

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16 October 2020


During the autumn, UN Women Sweden is setting up a series of HeForShe-Runs, with a grand finale on Orange Day, 25 November, which is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The aim is to contribute to a better world through sport; this is why the Swedish Olympic Committee and partners dressed up in orange with UN Women Sweden and arranged a HeForShe-Run at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm. More info at

3 december 2019

Swedish NOC
Last week, more than 200 Swedish athletes and coaches gathered for an Olympic Camp in Stockholm ahead of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The Camp involved three intense days of team building, learning and sharing. Fifteen athletes and five teams – including swimmer Sarah Sjöström, a three-time medallist in Rio – have already booked their place at the Tokyo 2020 Games. During the Camp, Olof Stenhammar was awarded the Swedish NOC’s highest honour, the plaque of merit in gold, by NOC Secretary General and IOC Member Gunilla Lindberg. Stenhammar played a key role in the process to start Sweden’s “Top and Talent” programme more than 20 years ago. He also made a private donation of EUR 1 million to set up the NOC’s talent development programme. More info at

28 june 2019

Swedish Olympic Committee
Olympic Day is not only 23 June in Sweden. Every year in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg children from local schools gather to try Olympic sports. So far in 2019, kids in the Stockholm suburb of Spånga tried out different winter sports in February, and Gothenburg children were introduced to all kinds of sports in May. In Malmö, in June, the focus shifted to the new Olympic sports such as skateboard, climbing and 3x3 basketball. The Swedish Olympic Committee has conducted more than 230 Olympic Days since 2011, attracting more than 150 000 children. More info at

08 April 2019


Together with World’s Children’s Prize, the Swedish Olympic Committee is running a project entitled Round the Globe Run - for a Better World, which started last November. Tens of thousands of children in Sweden will learn more about the Olympic values and the global goals for sustainable development. About 20 Swedish Olympians, such as ice hockey player Danijela Rundqvist and cross country skier Anders Södergren (photo), have visited about 100 schools in Sweden which are taking part in this project and teaching their students about the Olympic values, the Olympic Movement and the global goals for sustainable development. By 1 April 2020, the Olympians will have visited about 250 schools in different parts of Sweden. On 1 April, around one million children across the world participated in the Round the Globe Run for a Better World. Together they will complete up to 100 circuits of the globe, while highlighting the changes they want to see in support of children’s rights and the global sustainable development goals. More info here at

18 September 2018

Swedish Olympic Committee

More than 16,000 children celebrated Olympic Day in Sweden this year. Arranged by the Swedish Olympic Committee, Olympians and local sports clubs invited kids to try out their sports at 10 Olympic Days in different parts of the country. The Olympic Day tour started in February during the Olympic Games. During two days in Spånga, a suburb of Stockholm, pupils at the local schools were able to try 10 different sports, in the presence of Olympic figure skater Joshi Helgesson. After two days in Gothenburg and three days on the beaches of Ribban in Malmö, the tour wrapped up with two days and 15 Olympic sports in Stockholm, at the Kungsträdgården park in August.  This was the seventh year in a row that Olympic Day was celebrated in the Swedish capital. More info at

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