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13 Jun 2023

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Olympic Committee of Serbia. Many children took part in the Olympic Day runs in Belgrade.

13 June 2023 - Olympic Day in Serbia was celebrated on 3 June in Belgrade’s Hyde Park. Many people of all ages took part in the fun run, family run, kids’ runs or run for people with disabilities.  Olympic medallists Tijana Bogdanović (taekwondo) and Ivana Anđušić Maksimović (shooting) played the role of promoters for Olympic Day, while Aleksandar Kukolj (judo) ran with his family and delivered the IOC President’s message to all the participants, whom NOC President Božidar Maljković also addressed. All the participants also had an opportunity to try out the NOC’s mobile app, TreninGO. This app features the Olympic Day Challenge, which encourages the whole country to run 5, 10, or 21km and celebrate the IOC’s anniversary. The winners will be announced on 23 June, the closing date of the Challenge. More info here at

Ivica Veselino/The Olympic Committee of Serbia

16 March 2023 - The Olympic Committee of Serbia celebrated its 113th anniversary at the Moskva hotel in Belgrade, where it was founded on 23 February 1910. Respecting the long-standing tradition, on 28 February NOC President Božidar Maljković and Sports Minister Zoran Gajić laid a laurel wreath on the memorial plaque in front of the hotel. In addition, President Maljković and Luka Jašić, short track silver medallist at the Winter European Youth Olympic Festival 2023, cut the traditional Olympic cake together. Special guests at the event were the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Branko Ružić; the Mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Šapić, a three-time Olympic medallist in water polo; the ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Rafal Perl; and family members of the NOC’s founder, Svetomir Đukić. Current and former Olympic medallists and Olympians, and representatives of the government, diplomatic missions, sponsors, partners and the media also attended the ceremony. More info here at

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28 June 2021 - Team Serbia’s Olympic collection for Tokyo 2020 was presented at a fashion show at Olympic House in Belgrade. Ten athletes who will represent Serbia at the Games played the role of models. The most important criterion when selecting the technology and materials used in the design of the collection was for them to be suitable for the weather conditions during the Games in Tokyo. More details on the Olympic Committee of Serbia website,

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3 May 2021 - The Olympic Committee of Serbia marked 100 days until the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 by opening an exhibition, On the right track, dedicated to the Olympic heritage of Serbia from 1912 to 2016. The exhibition is being held in the gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade. It aims to familiarise the general public with the history of the Olympic Movement and its significance for the country, the participation of Serbian athletes in the Summer Olympic Games for over one century, and with the architectural sports heritage of Belgrade. Thousands of people, including Olympic champions Jasna Sekaric, Dejan Savic, Vanja Grbic and Milica Mandic, have already visited the exhibition, which has been produced with the help of Olympic Solidarity. More info at

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23 April 2021 - The NOC of Serbia recently presented its project entitled “Sakura Olympic tree line”. In partnership with the Japanese embassy, the City of Belgrade and the Japanese Business Alliance in Serbia (JBAS), the NOC planted 67 trees symbolising the Olympic rings, with the aim of promoting a healthier and better environment, and at the same time sending a strong message of friendship and solidarity between the two nations and leaving a legacy for future generations. This message was sent from the planting ceremony by the Japanese Ambassador in Belgrade, Takahiko Katsumata; the Mayor of Belgrade, Zoran Radojičić; the JBSA President, Goran Pekez; and NOC President Božidar Maljković. The tree line is planted in central Belgrade, on the Sava river boardwalk, a popular recreational, sports and leisure area of the city. Info at

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10 July 2020 - Serbian multiple European champion in shooting Bobana Momcilovic Velickovic (photo) died at the age of 31 on 21 June. She took part in the Olympic Games London 2012 and Rio 2016. She was a gold and silver medal winner in the World Cup. In her last competition for the Serbian national team at the European championship in the 10m Air Pistol event in Wroclaw in 2020, she won the gold medal in individual and team competitions. In her memory, the Olympic Committee of Serbia decided that the annual award for the Best young athlete of Serbia will be named the “Bobana Momcilovic Velickovic Award”. More info here.

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