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01 Apr 2021

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01 April 2021

Kenyan NOC

The Kenyan NOC is set to build an OlympAfrica Centre in Ruai, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Nairobi County Government. The NOC President, IOC Member Paul Tergat, and Deputy Governor for Nairobi Ann Kananu (see photo) signed the MoU, under which the government has given land free of charge to the NOC for the centre. The NOC is set to take on the operational costs, with OlympAfrica providing seed funding for the centre.

With the objective of promoting mutual sports development as part of the MOU with partner NOCs, and to help people around the world to stay fit by exercising at home, the Korean NOC (KSOC) has produced a set of Home Workout videos. The four videos include exercises featuring Korea’s traditional sport, taekwondo, a workout recorded at a classical Korean house, and workouts for children and at the office. Currently, the KSOC has an agreement with over 50 NOCs for the mutual development of sport. Thanks to its partnership with NOCs around the world, the KSOC has been able to provide athletes with the opportunity to train with other nations through joint training programmes. More info at

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