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03 May 2021

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3 May 2021

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The first 2021 General Assembly of the Cape Verdean Olympic Committee took place on 17 April, bringing together representatives from the federations and associations affiliated to the NOC (photo). Among the topics on the agenda were the approvals of the 2020 accounts and the Activity Plan and amended budget for 2021. More info here. On 6 April, hundreds of children and young people celebrated the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. They took part in several sports activities and lectures on sport and Olympism on the islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente, São Nicolau, Maio and Santiago, which were organised by the local Olympic Clubs. More details here. In addition, the NOC has launched its new website created in partnership with the Spanish Olympic Committee, in the framework of the CONPaaS project – the digital services platform created for NOCs by the Spanish NOC and funded by Olympic Solidarity. 

8 March 2021

Cape Verdean Olympic Committee

The 3rd edition of Sport BootCamp brought together 24 young participants in February, both in person in the city of Santa Cruz and virtually. The Camp was organised jointly by the Cape Verdean Olympic Committee and the local council. Supported by Olympic Solidarity, the Camp was aimed at young people in the municipality, which wants to provide them with the knowledge they will need to create profitable sports projects. Over five days, the participants were mentored by business managers and specialists in innovation, entrepreneurship, communication and marketing who have extensive experience in sport. More info at In addition, the Portuguese version of the Manual for the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) has been published on the IOC website ( This version has been translated into Portuguese by the Cape Verdean NOC in a joint initiative with the Pierre de Coubertin Committee in Brazil. Details here.

15 February 2021

NOC of Cape Verde

The NOC of Cape Verde, whose President is IOC member Filomena Maria Fortes, welcomed at its headquarters its ambassadors for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Rikiya and Ayumi Kataoka (photo). As a reminder, the Japanese couple spent their honeymoon in Cape Verde, then became stranded in the archipelago because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and today they are still in the country promoting the destination of Cape Verde abroad. Since their appointment by the NOC as ambassadors, the Kataokas have attracted considerable media attention. Furthermore, under the coordination of the NOC of Cape Verde, the Olympic Committees of African Portuguese Speaking Countries were involved for four months (October 2020 to January 2021) in a cycle of online talks aimed at debating Olympism in Africa and in the Lusophone countries. Specialists from Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, Brazil and Portugal took part in the talk. More info at

12 October 2020

Cape Verdean Olympic Committee
The Cape Verdean Olympic Committee joined the global World Cleanup Day campaign, held on 19 September, at the invitation of the Association of African National Olympic Committees (ANOCA). The NOC carried out a range of activities, including an online campaign, with the aim of encouraging all Cape Verdeans, athletes or otherwise, to join this global cleaning campaign. The main activity took place on one of the beaches in the country's capital, in partnership with the Kebra Kanela Beach Association and the Environmental Defence Association, with the participation of about 50 volunteers. Several local associations and Olympic clubs also organised other cleaning activities. More info here.

11 September 2020

The Cape Verdean Olympic Academy is conducting an online conference cycle called “Conversation between Women” – which it had been running throughout August – until mid-September to debate important issues related to the presence and participation of women in the sports sector. Among the personalities who have already taken part are the First Lady of Cape Verde, Ligia Fonseca; the President of the Institute for Gender Equality, Rosana Almeida; Olympic athletes Isménia Frederico and Wânia Monteiro; the only female president of a sports federation in Cape Verde, Lizandra Varela; and the President of the Cape Verdean Olympic Committee, IOC Member Filomena Fortes. The themes addressed intend to share the experiences of these women, as well as the policies and paths for gender equality and equity in sport. More details here.

9 July 2018

Cape Verde NOC

Nearly 6,000 people took part in Olympic Day celebrations in Cape Verde. Numerous sports activities were on offer on the various islands of the archipelago, such as Maio – where Cape Verde NOC President Filomena Cortes was present. Olympian Jordin Andrade took part in the festivities organised on the island of Brava. The mascot of the African Beach Games, which will be held in Cape Verde in 2019, also attended the Olympic Day celebrations.

11 June 2018

NOC of Cape Verde

Cape Verde hosted from 5 to 15 May the second module of the Executive Master’s degree in Management of Sports Organisations (MEMOS), in Spanish – a programme supported by Olympic Solidarity. The first module took place in Spain. Coach Glenda Aguilar is the sixth Cape Verdean to benefit from this Master’s programme after Filomena Fortes, Rodrigo Berjarano, Fernando Pinto, Sabino Correia and Emanuel Charles de Oliveira, who are all managers and who also went through this course with support from the NOC of Cape Verde.  The NOC took care of all the logistical aspects. More info at

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