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30 Nov 2020

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30 November 2020

Argentinean NOC

From 18 to 20 November, 47 people followed the seventh edition of the Advanced Sports Management (MOSO) course organised by the Argentinean NOC with the support of Olympic Solidarity. The NOC runs this course each year, to enable volunteers and the staff of national sports organisations to improve their management skills. More details here.

09 March 2020


The NOC of Argentina, presided over by IOC Member Gerardo Werthein, announced the death of Olympic athlete Braian Toledo (photo) on 27 February at the age of 26. Considered an extremely promising international javelin athlete, Braian Toledo became javelin Youth Olympic Champion at the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010, at the age of 16. He won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara in 2011, and silver at the junior world championships in Barcelona in 2012. He took part in two Olympic Games, London 2012 and Rio 2016, where he reached the finals of the javelin event. Braian Toledo was committed to helping others, and became involved in the Arriba los Pibes NGO, which provided nutrition and educational workshops for 90 children in the district where he grew up. More details here.

20 december 2019

Argentinian NOC
The Argentinian NOC presented its annual awards at its end-of-year gala. These awards honour the people and/or institutions whose work has promoted sport and the principles of the Olympic Movement. Athletes, leaders, journalists, sponsors and guests of honour attended the ceremony, which was led by NOC President and IOC member Gerardo Werthein, together with First Vice-President Alicia Masoni and Secretary General Mario Moccia. The 2019 IOC “Sport and Sustainable Development Trophy was presented to Juan Sebastián Verón, President of the La Plata Students Club, to recognise the construction of the first sustainable stadium in Argentina. More details about the winners and distinctions here.

18 november 2019

NOC of Argentina

Over 40 students have successfully completed the sixth advanced course in sports management organised by the NOC of Argentina with support from Olympic Solidarity. Each year, this nine-month course allows the NOC to train the staff of national and provincial sports federations. More info here.

29 october 2019

Argentinian NOC

The Argentinian NOC and the national skiing and mountaineering federation held the last sports administration course of 2019 in San Carlos de Bariloche. The purpose of these courses is to train and/or expand the technical knowledge of sports leaders and sports organisation members with managerial roles. More details here.

14 october 2019

Argentinian NOC

On 7 October, the headquarters of the Argentinian NOC played host to the second “Women in Sport” meeting of 2019. This initiative was launched by the NOC’s Women in Sport Commission, and the theme for this year has been “Equal Opportunities”. More than 80 sports association, sports federation, athlete and media representatives took part in the event, which was led by Alicia Masoni de Morea, the First Vice-President of the NOC, Mario Moccia, the NOC Secretary General, and Patricia Sangenis, the Chair of the Women in Sport Commission. The topics addressed included “Esports – Future athletes, virtual athletes?”, “Hyperandrogenism” and “Bullying in sport”, which was presented by Olympian Jennifer Dahlgren (athletics). More details here

1st October 2019

Argentinian NOC

The Argentinian NOC has announced that a seminar on Olympism brought together 120 participants from various provinces and 20 speakers, including two Olympic medallists, teachers, researchers, academics and sports officials. The topics addressed focused on the importance of values in competitive and leisure sport and management. The seminar was managed by the Education Commission and the Olympic Academy of the NOC, whose President is Carlos Alberto Marino, and was led by Silvia Dalotto Marcó, the Academy Director. More details here. In addition, from 16 to 20 September, the 37th Session of the Argentinian Olympic Academy was held, with the participation of 41 young members of national sports federations, the Academy Participants Association and universities in various provinces in the country. More details here.

14 May 2019

Argentinian NOC

On 15 April, the Argentinian NOC hosted the first women in sport meeting of 2019, an initiative launched by the NOC’s Women in Sport Commission. In 2019, the Commission’s theme is “Equal Opportunities”. At the meeting, the representatives of various sports federations and associations discussed topics including harassment, abuse and violence in sport; hyperandrogenism; organising and managing sports events; and image, communication and social media. More details here.

08 April 2019

The Argentine NOC recently launched an online course on sports-based values, initially for 2,180 sports teachers. It aims to highlight the links between sport, art, culture, education, the use of social media and a healthy lifestyle. The course, accessible throughout the country, is based on elements of legacy management from the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018. More info on

18 March 2019

Argentinian NOC

For the sixth year in a row, the Argentinian NOC is organising an advanced sports management course, supported by Olympic Solidarity, with 56 students taking part this year. On 11 March, during the opening ceremony led by NOC Vice-President Alicia Masoni de Morea, the 33 students from the 2018 edition were presented with their diplomas. This course is composed of six modules covering sports organisation management, strategic management, human resources management, economic management, marketing management and major sports event organisation. More details here.

08 March 2019

Argentine NOC

From 7 to 9 March in Buenos Aires, the Argentine NOC organised its first sports administration course of the year. A total of 60 people took part, including representatives from national sports federations and government sports bodies, coaches, and physical education professionals. In addition to sports organisation management and administration, the topics addressed during the three-day course included the history and structure of the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. More info at

18 February 2019

Argentine NOC

At the Argentine NOC’s annual awards ceremony, the NOC President, IOC Member Gerardo Werthein (right in photo), presented the 2018 Olympism in Action Trophy to Leandro Larrosa (left in photo), the Director General of the Organising Committee for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Buenos Aires 2018. During the ceremony, tributes were also paid to Mayor of Buenos Aires Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Deputy Mayor Diego Santilli and Minister for Transport Guillermo Dietrich for their work, management and support in organising the YOG Buenos Aires 2018. More info on

10 December 2018

NOC of Argentina

The 5th advanced course in sports administration, organised by the NOC of Argentina wrapped up at the beginning of November. This training programme, conducted under the auspices of Olympic Solidarity by Silvia Beatríz Dalotto, covered all six of the modules in the “Managing Olympic Sport Organisations” manual with the assistance of experts and facilitators. A total of 34 people completed the three-month course, which provided them with practical solutions for managing their respective sports organisations. More info here.

19 November 2018

Argentinian NOC

From 1 to 4 November in Termas de Río Hondo, the Argentinian NOC organised the 5th Session of the Argentinian Olympic Academy, in collaboration with the government of the province of Santiago del Estero. This biennial Session is brings together people aged 35 and more who have not been able to attend the sessions for young participants and who are involved in sports and education management. The 30 participants attended various talks on subjects which included the structure of the Olympic Movement, the Olympic Winter Games, the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, sports organisation management and sport as a relational model. More details here.

6 November 2018

Argentinian NOC

The Argentinian NOC’s Women in Sport Commission organised, together with the Canadian Embassy in Argentina, the 5th Women in Sport Meeting, hosted by the Honorary Chair of the Commission and First Vice-President of the NOC, Alicia Masoni de Morea, who spoke about the history and evolution of the place of women in the Olympic Movement, and the IOC Gender Equality Review Project. The other speakers were: Teresa Tham, head of public health in Canada and head of the Canadian delegation at the Women20 Summit, who dealt with the Canadian Government’s health policies; Susan Greinig, head of the IOC’s Safeguarding Officer, who recalled IOC protocol in cases of violence, harassment and abuse; and Patricia Sangenis of the NOC’s Medical and Scientific Commission, who addressed the topic of health among young girls and adolescents. More info at

3 September 2018

NOC of Argentina

In August, the city of Salta hosted a sports administration course for local officials. This Olympic Solidarity programme is implemented every year by the NOC of Argentina in various provinces across the country. In Salta, the course was led by national directors Andrea Martinez Funes and Dante Parra in the presence of local provincial authority representatives Sergio Plaza and Francisco Medina Caso. Info at

7 August 2018

Argentine NOC

On 27 July, the Women in Sport Commission of the Argentine NOC organised the first edition of a themed day entitled “Road to Gender Equality within the Olympic Movement” (“Caminando hacia la igualdad de género en el marco del Movimiento Olímpico”) in the city of Posadas (Misiones Province). Organised in conjunction with the Province’s Ministry of Sport, the event brought together over 200 people – most of whom were women – including representatives from the Paraguayan NOC. The Argentine NOC Vice-President, Alicia Masoni de Morea, led the discussions alongside the Province’s Minister for Sport, Rafael Morgenstern, and other members of the Ministry and the NOC Commission. Topics addressed included the history and development of women’s participation in the Olympic Movement; the agreement with UN Women; the IOC’s Gender Equality Review Project; the role of women in sports organisations; and strategies to bring about change. More info here.

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