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From today onwards, www.olympic.org will be a reference for all collectors of Olympic philately, memorabilia, and numismatic items. Www.olympic.org has integrated the content of the former collectors’ website (www.collectors.olympic.org) and improved it, with a large number of objects.

300 stamps, medals, memorabilia and pins
On the site there are some 300 well-illustrated stamps, medals, memorabilia and pins, and each object is described with its specificities. A search engine makes it easier to find them, and it is possible to navigate all the editions of the Olympic Games to find the collectors’ objects linked to these Games.

Since 1896
Collecting objects commemorating the Olympic Games is not a new phenomenon in itself. In fact, it dates from the first Games of the modern era in 1896.

Firstly stamps
The first Olympic items to be collected were the stamps released to balance the budget of the Games Organising Committee. These stamps have captivated generations of philatelists. Olympic memorabilia collectors quickly joined the stamp collectors and when the first Olympic coins were struck in 1951, numismatic enthusiasts made their entrance into the world of Olympic collectors.

Great fascination
Alongside the social and sporting explosion of the Olympic Games, Olympic collectors’ items have always fascinated fans of Olympism. At the outset, these objects were not really linked to the Movement itself, but the situation developed rapidly, and they have become an integral part of Olympic culture, history and art. The Olympic collectors’ items have also contributed to the promotion of the Olympic ideals and the development of Olympic financing, on both national and international levels.

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